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On Today’s Electric Avenue Show – Greg Vincent shares an insight into Why Twitter is A Powerful Tool for Real Estate Agents.

I must say that I was really surprised the other day when an agent friend of mine said that he was about to delete his Twitter account…because he said that “he doesn’t get it”

Plus, after this week’s report by Alistair Walsh of Property Observer  that Social Media is not for all as agents abandon Twitter

“Social media is often touted as among the most important marketing techniques of recent years, but many real estate agents are abandoning the platform.”

Wow! 3 agents stop tweeting and all of a sudden “many real estate agents are abandoning” Social Media? Yeah right!

(sorry in today’s video I mistakingly said that I thought this article had appeared on Real Estate Business, but I should have realised that it was on Property Observer!!!).

Well now after my agent friend has said that he is going to delete his Twitter account, that makes one more agent, so now will we see the next headline that there’s “now been a 25+% increase in agents abandoning Twitter?”

Data can be interpreted in so many ways, as we saw earlier in the week when CEO of REIV, Enzo Raimondo got it Horribly Wrong.

My greatest concern for agents is that they listen to these headlines and decide to go backwards with their marketing OR they set up a Twitter account or Facebook Fan Page and then say to their clients, ‘We’re on Social Media’, without having the knowledge around how to leverage these powerful marketing platforms effectively.

Alistair’s article does reveal that…

“At the recent Inman Real Estate Connect conference in San Francisco, agents were advised not to use Twitter to spruik themselves but to be personable and build relationships.

“Agents who use social media well understand that it’s all building a relationship with a potential client, not focusing on the transaction,’’ Ray White’s Sam White told conference goers.

“Most people get the idea of getting a recommendation from a friend. This is just doing that on steroids, but you have to do it sensibly.”

Real estate agency Bennison Mackinnon had run a somewhat active account Twitter account from July 2010 but stopped tweeting as of March this year.

Director and sales manager Andrew McCann says the company’s social media use required greater engagement in the community than what had been doing in the past.

“We didn’t have the right strategy, it wasn’t a case of not getting results,” McCann says.

“We started tweeting our optimum results, but the reality is you need to be giving people better information than whether something has been listed or sold.

“It’s a community opportunity to communicate with people in our marketplace rather than just beating your own drum.”

He says social media shouldn’t be discounted as a useful tool, even if it doesn’t directly sell properties.

“It is interesting and it probably is true that agents aren’t really selling properties off Twitter or Facebook, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a useful tool.”

“We’re currently investing in a social media strategy which will use Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and potentially other newer ones that might come out.”

Twitter is one of the most powerful platforms I have ever used and the depth of relationship, trust and positioning that I have developed over the years via Twitter has been incredible…

…and one of the biggest things that I didn’t mention about Twitter in today’s show is that there are lots of Tools & Apps that have been developed that make it even easier to use Twitter and connect with people strategically.

I hope you choose to ignore these latest headlines and decide to harness the power of Social Media, and especially Twitter after reading these 7 proven steps to grow your business on Twitter. 

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Greg Vincent  

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