Some Do’s & Don’ts of QR Codes for Agents



On Today’s Electric Avenue Show – Greg Vincent shares ‘Some Do’s & Don’ts of QR Codes for Agents.’

After years of preaching about QR Codes, it now appears that a lot of agents are starting to include them into their real estate marketing.

Whilst QR Codes are nowhere near mainstream within the real estate industry as yet, as more and more agents start to embrace them, it’s important to think strategically about what you are trying to achieve by including them into your marketing mix.

I have scanned a lot of QR Codes over the past few years and far too many times the end user experience on my mobile device has come up falling way short of what I thought I may get by scanning the code.

Some of the QR Codes appearing in real estate print media advertisements have sent me to dead links & lots of others have directed me to the home page on the company website which then means that I have to learn how to navigate through the site to find the product information that I thought I would’ve got immediately by scanning the code.

But, by far the biggest frustration seems to be that a lot of the QR Codes simply don’t scan.

To scan QR Codes, I currently have 2 different apps on my iPhone, NeoReader (faster to use) and I-nigma (scans better).

As you’ll see below, after scanning the QR Code on the door of the agency for the real estate Principal, James Hall, I must say that it was one of the better end user experiences that I’ve seen from an agent using the QR Code integrated mobile technology.

Here’s the QR Code appearing on the front door…

Here’s the first screen that appeared…

You can see more and play the video message here

Here’s the full web capture via the iPad

If you are looking to embrace QR Codes and the mobile web, then you may want to check out this episode of Electric Avenue that I filmed a few weeks back about Are QR Codes Now History? because there is now a completely different alternative to QR Codes. It’s an application called Layar.

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